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  • What is

    It’s a website developed by Quest. By responding to online polls, you can donate to a humanitarian organization, without spending money!

  • How does it work?

    It's very easy. With a few clicks you respond to questions, then you indicate the humanitarian organization you wish to support and we convert the outcome of your answers to donations.

  • What is the humanitarian organizations’ benefit?

    A survey of 500 people can generate 1000 euros for the organization’s activities. The more participants, the higher the donations will be.

  • How can I check this?

    You will be informed in real time of the transferred donations as well as regular updates. You will find news, testimonials, features and much more. For more information on the supported organizations, refer to the "Our beneficiaries" section.

  • What are my guarantees?

    Quest plays with open cards by publishing each transfer made to humanitarian organizations on the site. You can check at any time the amounts paid out to our beneficiaries.

  • Why should I register?

    By clearly identifying your personal data, we will be able to select surveys that match your profile.

  • Questions?

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